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this video clearly demonstrates the sham of american currency &the banking system.

banks are taking our deposited currency &loaning from 90 to 100% of it out to others (with interest), who will then pay a realtor/car dealer, who will go to their bank &continue the cycle.

in effect, American citizens are working 40 hours a week to get currency created from our initial investments. it feeds itself.

i implore you, if your eyes come across this, please watch&spread the video. instead of being confused about whether the government wants you to be in perpetual college/medical/housing/automotive etc. debt

please use this as awareness &instruction to others that we are indeed designed to be indebted because the system itself is designed to indebt the country to the federal reserve’s stockholders.

it’s a blatant hustle that puts mob bosses &ponzi schemers to shame, but what’s worse is it’s legalized.

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Members of the Résistance killing Nazis in Paris (1944)

Get fucked

*In other news today, French extremists attacked friendly occupying soldiers in what will be the 5th terrorist attack this week. While soldiers were peacefully monitoring a neighborhood, the French radicals threw molotovs at the unsuspecting soldiers in an uncalled for act of violence. Gunfire was then reported from civilian buildings, which further calls into question the loyalty of the French people, despite four years of constructive occupation and nation building. Upon hearing the tragic news, Hitler has called for renew resolve in France, stating that additional troops are necessary to ensure the stability of the region, as well as “to ensure the proper planting and growth of a new democratic France.”*

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